Hey, I'm Nickardson. Here's some tips for touching up Survival 404 pages:

Editing tips Edit

  • Don't just make random pages, like "How to make all the boats". Articles should be simply named, objectively written, and useful.
  • Add Images.
    • If the surrounding background of an image is not needed, and does not contribute to the picture, crop out the relevant parts.
    • The images should not show a mouse, unless the mouse is inherently needed in the image.
    • Don't show any characters in the image, unless the character is needed in the image. (EX: Tools).
    • Don't use images as publicity.
    • .PNG is good - it retains all original detail. To take a .PNG picture, click on the taskbar, then press PrntScr. You can then paste the picture into Paint to crop and save it.
  • Remember, objective pages. Don't say; "This boat is terrible", if you need to convey that, say something like "This boat is the slowest available boat."
  • Speculative pages should note that they are only speculation.

Templates I've created Edit

You might also be interested in using these,

Also, these could be helpful.

  • To bring attention to Weasel Words, use <sup>[[Help:Weasel_Words|[who?]]]</sup>

Check out these for further mods. Edit

Useful Categories Edit

  • Natural Resources
  • Buildings
  • Burnable material
  • Resources
  • Food
  • Items
  • Furnature
  • Processed Items
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