• Raw Teraphyx and Hide.
  • Teraphyx on roblox, looking small but its not!
  • Teraphyx in its normal suroundings...
  • Cooked Meat, and how much hunger it gives.
The Teraphyx, also known as "Phyx" is a recreation from 'Survival 303' but is much bigger than that version. It also has a lot more health than either a Deer or a Fox, and it can damage the player.


When you kill a Teraphyx, like every other animal it drops a carcass. The carcass can be separated into hide and meat with a skinning knife.


The Teraphyx is located on the island that is shaped like a C.
RobloxScreenShot06122011 162647100

Teraphyx Isalnd(Sometimes hes not there)

Phyx MeatEdit

Phyx Meat must be cooked before it CAN be eaten, but it includes three portions and considered the best kind-of meat.[who?]

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