The purpose of a Steam Boat is similar to that of

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all other boats. It is considered the fastest boat among players, though ranking second next to the 'Rainbow Galleon'. The base Steam Boat has only one seat. To reach this seat, the player must enter through a doorway and up a ladder. The boat has a significant amount of space on its outer deck which can be used for resource storage or extra seating and also has a small amount of space inside. The overall capacity of the ship is slightly less than that of the Galleon, despite having two floors inside of the ship.

Due to the enclosed seating, the Steam Ship has an advantage with boat combat. The driver seat on all other boats leave the driver exposed to shots from crossbows and guns. The steamship encloses the driver, making it impossible for the driver to get shot. Another notable advantage is that even with the fact that the driver is protected, he can still shoot through the boats walls when in third person. This makes the driver nearly invincible.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The recipe is similar to that of the 'Galleon'.

  1. Four 'Hull'.
  2. One 'Large Wood'.
  3. One 'Steam Engine'.
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