The are multiple purposes of 'Oil'. Firstly, Oil is a flammable resource, converted from 'Crude Oil' and so is used in
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Left: Oil Well Middle: Crude Oil Right: Oil

the process of refining, like 'Coal '. Also similar to Coal, Oil is used in certain recipes such as in the 'Steam Ship'.

Oil is recognised by players as the most efficient of flammable resources as it has a significantly longer 'burn' time than any other resource and so is very practical in refining, but also it has been used by players to set fire to enemy settlements.


This is not so much a recipe as a series of steps. Follow the steps by number.

  1. Find, forage and place one 'Crude Oil'.
  2. Find any flammable resource (foliage of any kind, 'Oil' or 'Coal'.)
  3. Place the flammable resource next to the 'Crude Oil' and light it using 'Flint'.
  4. Wait until the 'Crude Oil' becomes 'Oil'. You can tell when the oil is ready by the colour change in it.
  5. Forage or move the 'Oil' before it becomes lit if necessary.
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