RobloxScreenShot06072011 192642685

The small generated ocean, even if it looks endless from this camera

RobloxScreenShot06072011 192733680

Almost dead diver in the ocean, this picture was taken right before drowning.

The purpose of the ocean is to seperate the various islands on the map.


There are three ways to traverse the ocean. Firstly, a player can walk across the seabed. This is considered dangerous as, when beneath the top of the ocean, the player loses 'Health'. Secondly, a player can swim along the surface of the ocean. Unlike the previous method, the player does not lose health, however, a player can only swim until their 'swim' meter runs out, at which point they sink to the ocean bed, not able to swim again until the meter replenishes. Thirdly, a player can construct a 'Boat' which floats on the top of the ocean, avoiding the negative points of both previous methods.

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