Fire is one of the most basic, yet most needed elements of survival. Fire can be created by striking 'Flint', or any other fire-starting tool upon a flammable object (usually wood or leaves). It is often used to ignite 'Gunpowder' due to its explosive properties.

Use in RefiningEdit

Fire is used to refine the ore of metal to make it craftable. To do this, simply drag the metal over or near the fire. Once you notice a change in color and reflectance, you can take it off. You'll also know that it's finished by the change in its name.

Use in CookingEdit

Fire is also used to cook food, like bread. This process is similar to refining, and requires you to put uncooked food on the fire.


Wooden buildings and composts will burn! Don't put any fires close to these types of buildings.

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