A Deer has multiple purposes. While it is a typical means for attaining food, it is also used in the creation of 'Leather'.A deer's appearance is brown with a sphere-rounded head. Unlike the 'Fox', Deers' skins are much darker and brown. When using a 'Hunting Club' or 'Hunting Bow' on deer, a 'Deer Carcass'will be dropped. This is used to make leather. To make leather, use a 'skinning Knife'on the carcass until the label is changed into 'Deerhide'. Process this and wait until it turns into 'Leather'.
  • Deer in its normal surroundings...
  • Raw Venison (Deer meat) and Deer Hide
  • An example of "Mounting" a deer, making it easier to kill.
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The island deer live on.


When a player approaches a Deer, it will flee in a random direction, making them difficult to kill. One way to solve this is to 'Mount' the Deer. To do this, craft a 'Wooden Seat' and drag it onto a Deer's back. Then simply get on the seat and you're good to go. This method works for both the 'Teraphyx' and the 'Fox'.

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